Performance and Health Statistics.

From Pehestat we can start deriving our main goal. This is because from the industrial poultry sector, health parameters, barn parameters and laboratory results are collected and analyzed. Then, based on a thorough analysis, Pehestat can give advice to poultry farmers.

To collect and analyze zootechnical data from farms, we use the Smart Farm Assistant (SFA) from Porphyrio® and our own developed software.

Poultrack was developed in-house and can be summarized as a portal where all documents belonging to the mandatory farm register are filed. These include administration and dispensing documents, contracts, feed vouchers, laboratory results, slaughter reports, etc. The portal provides an administrative simplification for the poultry veterinarians. With just a few clicks you can retrieve that one document you are looking for. The Poultrack channel is only accessible to the veterinarians, but there is a direct link between this file management and the file management within the Smart Farm Assistant of Porphyrio®.

Pehestat is the only distributor of this software from Porphyrio® in Belgium. The Smart Farm Assistant is an online tool specifically for the poultry sector. It enables farm managers to closely monitor their animals and prevent imminent problems. House data such as feed and water intake, temperature, etc. can be read into Smart Farm Assistant through a link with the house computer. When working with pen cards, these can also be easily imported. Because all the data is collected online and remains available at all times, a manager can easily compare certain parameters within a flock or between the current flock and historical flocks. In this way, it helps to make strategic and well-considered decisions.

Besides distributing software, administrative simplification and individual advice to the poultry farmer, PeHeStat also engages in research projects. Due to the close contact with poultry farmers and poultry veterinarians, PeHeStat is the ideal partner to collect research data in the field.

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